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When I first started rebuilding this site I had decided that I would include my resume. But then I got the idea of building a resume on top of WordPress, making it easy to keep it up to date. This grew into a rather large project that was eventually tied into a single plugin.

After this plugin was completed and in place I added some tracking features to it (which will be in a separate post or two). The purpose of tracking my resume was mostly to see what skills people were looking at. If I notice a lot if interest in a particular skill, then I can focus on building that skill.

A resume is built by adding to different sections (explained below), then entries from those sections can be added to a resume. Multiple resumes can be built. So, here are the sections:


Aside from the features presented in the list, there is also an editor where you can provide a description about the skill. This allows you to expand on the overview presented in the resume. If some one reading the resume is interested in a particular skill, they can click on it to see more information.

The skill editor provides a place to include how many years of experience you have in that skill. There are also two types of categories. You can label the industry the skill is most often associated with. For example, you can label a skill as applying to graphic design or software development. You can also set an experience level. The experience levels can be anything you decide.


Education is separated out by degrees. The list in the image outlines the information included with a degree.

The editor for education provides a simple form to fill in the pertinent information.

Work History:

You can add employers to the work history. Despite the simple overview presented in the list figured above, there is actually quite a bit of information you can include about previous employers.

There are fields here to include much of the information people look for when looking at previous employers. There’s also a text area where you can include any additional information, such as primary responsibilities or accomplishments.

Once the skills, education, and employment history have been completed the information can be added to a resume. The information isn’t added automatically. This allows you to create multiple resumes if you choose.

All of the entries in the three different sections are listed at the bottom of the resume, and you can check the ones you want to include. There’s also a form to fill out your name and contact information. The text area is for the overview, career objective, or what ever you want to appear towards the top of the resume.

And that is, so far, the resume builder I’m using on this site. I won’t be releasing this yet. I want to give it a good run and get some feedback on it. And I’m sure that, as it gets more use, there’ll be some changes.

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