Path Finding

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Recently I decided to give path finding a go. I went through several tutorials trying to learn how it works, the most thorough one was in C++ which I never really got to work.

In the end I went with a tutorial that didn’t use any code, just explained how the process worked, and I built a simple test app in AS3. The demo linked below is my first attempt at path finding. There are some oddities where the “player” (a blue circle :P) will travel at an angle off the straightest path, then back on again. But, eh, it works. However, I didn’t want to cut corners…literally; One of the rules I set for finding a path is to not take a diagonal move that would cut across the edge of a wall.

So here is the demo of my first attempt at pathfinding: Launch The Demo

Click on any of the grey squares and the ball will move to that location.

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