Lillypad: Checkpoint One

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So it’s getting to the point where the first leg of this project is starting to come together. There are still quite a few little details (and one large one) that need to be finished up before it’s ready to be used in full game development. Today and tomorrow, however, are going to be devoted to what’s been done so far. Before getting into the demo I have to mention a new feature that has been added.

There is now  a HUD class that can be added when starting a game. This works very similar to a scene with a few differences. In fact, I pulled a lot of the functionality of the scene class into a base class that both the hud and scene classes inherit from.

I also added a tracking feature. By setting an object as the camera target, the scene will move itself around to keep that object in the center of the screen when possible.

A couple of notes about the demo though: The hud in the demo doesn’t actually do anything. It just displays a graphic (the meters and hearts in the upper right). There is no collision detection beyond keeping the player inside the field. I haven’t built tile maps yet. The background is just a single image.

So, with out further to do: launch the demo.

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