Lillypad: Double Demo

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I got quite a few features added and (somewhat) fleshed out over the last couple of days. So I actually have two demos to show off today.

Labels and more input

I now have a label class that handles text display (both single and multiline), along with fonts and formatting. It’s a pretty straight forward class. One thing to note is that the text is converted to a bitmap before displaying. As for the input part, there is a feature I absolutely wanted with input that I didn’t demo before. That is the ability to take a key input and display a human readable value for that key. This I wanted mainly for games that wanted to provide dynamic key setting. For example, a screen could be displayed with character controls (up, down, left, right, jump, fire, etc), and the end user could set what ever keys they wanted for those actions.

So this is the first of today’s demos : Labels And Input

Buttons and more buttons

I’ve added a couple new types of buttons: Toggle buttons and radio buttons. The demo for this also displays some of the features of the SFX class.

Here is the second demo: Buttons

And just for S&Gs, here’s the source for the preloader used in the last demo:

And just a heads up, The updates on this project are going to slow down a bit. It has gotten to the point where I can actually start making games with it. So I’ll be spending some time working on some games. I’m sure that this exercise will help to flesh out any unforeseen problems that may exist with Lillypad.

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