Lillypad: Pre-Alpha Dev Release

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It’s been a while since my last update. In that time I’ve managed to create a fully functional game with Lillypad. It’s not what I would consider a fully production ready game. More a demo to show what can be done so far with Lillypad. And to show how it can be done, as I’ll be including the source code and resource files below.

Looking back over my posts I see that I started this project exactly one month ago. Of course I didn’t work on this project ever day. Nor did I ever put full days in on this project. So this represents about two weeks of actual work. And, to be perfectly honest, I’m rather proud of what I’ve accomplished so far in such a short time.

So, for the demo, here’s the first game created with Lillypad: Just Another Sudoku

Before I get to the release, there are a few caveats I need to highlight. Remember, I’ve only put in about 80 hours on this so far. I’ve been told that an API like this takes years to develop. So, understandably, there are some things that need to be pointed out:

  • Sprites and components such as buttons currently only support spritesheets created in Texturepacker.
  • Currently, there is no support for rotated images. In Texturepacker, under Layout, “Allow Rotation” needs to be unchecked.
  • Much of the documentation is either missing, or just stubbed in.

Those are the only ones I can think of at the moment. I’ll add more if I think of them.

So, without further to do, I present the pre-alpha dev release of Lillypad.

And here is the source code for the game, as an example of how to create a game with Lillypad: JAS Source.

The source code is undocumented (sorry). This is something I’ll have to go through and update later. As I continue to work on this project I really want to focus on making it well documented.

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